Our Services for your TOYOTA

Stage 1 Remap

Stage 1 Remap
+ 34hp
+ 40Nm

Stage 1 Pricing

Our Full Stage 1 Package Using our dyno tested and proven remap. No off the shelf junk but a highly developed map to maximise performance safely





All Stage 1 tuning is considered safe for a standard vehicle which is in good condition.

  • Fully Dyno Tested
  • Dyno Developed Map
  • Remap Developed by Llandow Tuning
  • Dyno Printout for Calibration
  • Safe for Standard/Stock Cars
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Full Aftersales Support
  • Road Legal and Safe
  • Better MPG
  • 34BHP More Power
  • 40NM More Torque
  • Great for Towing
  • Faster 0 to 60 Time
  • Better Throttle Response

All Stage1 and Stage1+ tuning is provided at a flat rate. This price shown includes VAT and is for the tune being installed on your vehicle. There are no hidden extras
In the unlikely event there is a problem with the tune you will have our full backup, we’ll provide a complete vehicle diagnostic for free, and any issue will be investigated. Typically, issues are normally limited to modified vehicles where different intercoolers, exhaust systems, higher mileage or where other mods are installed and require some minor adjustments on our part to the applied recalibration and will be resolved for free. Should an issue be found with the vehicle, a full report will be given.

Stage 2 Remap

Stage 2 is any tuning where parts have been replaced and will need calibrating in to the vehicle. Our Stage 2 package includes whatever tested is needed to to ensure the map is as safe as it can be.
This could include intercooler upgrades, inlet upgrades, mods to the HPFP system, larger MAP sensor etc.
Larger turbos, cam mods, larger injectors are considered by us to be Stage 3 and thus require our Stage 3 service.

Stage 2 Pricing

Our Full Stage 2 is custom to your vehicle based on our exsiting research. It will include any needed dyno time





Stage 2 Tuning includes dyno time. So there is no seperate dyno charge. The price is the base price, depending on the mods you've introduced there may be addtional charges.
Stage 2 assumes most of the car is stock with maybe an intercooler or exhaust upgrade. Standard turbos and fuel injectors. If you've changed the turbos or injectors then normally this would be classed as a stage 3 vehicle.
You will need to have a detailed log of any mods made for us to be prepared to help you, sometimes you might need a full stage 3 tuning session. If you don't have a log and just bought the car then we will need to do this first also an engine health check might be a good place to start
If we agree to a stage 2 tune but where modifications to sensors or acuators has occoured there will be an addtional charge. Such changes could include a different turbo, injectors, MAP sensor, MAF sensor etc. Typically a one off fee of £75 will apply. But we reserve the right to decine the stage 2 remap where we feel only a full stage 3 session will apply.

Stage 3 Tuning

Stage 3 tuning is completly custom and starts at £475 per tuning session.
Tuning at Stage 3 levels means completly custom. As such a full tuning session is needed for all EFI vehicle where the cams have been changed, larger turbos fitted, injectors need rescaling, ECU has been changed to a stand alone etc.

All our maps/recalibrations are developed in-house by us and our partners. We can cater for almost any vehicle, even where it doesn't fit on our chassis dyno such as large trucks etc we have an oncar dyno that is just as accurate. A printout will be included from one of our dynos for the engine calibration installed.
Additional dyno time can be purchased (see dyno page under services) including before and after runs. To avoid disappointment ensure you ask about dyno runs at the time of booking as our dynos are generally fully booked

Other Common Tuning Services

We provide a wide range of recalibration services for this vehicle which can be applied to the engine ECU.

These services are billable seperatly. A single fee of £75 is payable for any of the following addons (where they are supported by the car)

All of these options are only available where we are tuning an ecu or where we have already tuned the ECU. If we have never seen your car before at the very least a Stage 1 tune is needed

  • NOX Off
  • OPF Off
  • Decat
  • O2 Sensor Off
  • EVAP Off
  • Exhaust Flaps Off
  • MAF Delete
  • Swirl Flap Off
  • Speed Limit Off
  • Immo Delete
  • Active Grill Delete
  • Kickdown Delete
  • Seconday Air Pump / Anti Smog Delete
  • Start Stop Delete
  • BMW CVN Patch
  • Hotstart Fix
  • Switchable Maps
  • Idle Speed Adjustment
  • DTC/Fault Code Off
  • Pop and Bang
  • Launch Control
  • Anti Lag
  • Crackles and Overrun
  • Hardcut Limiters
  • REV Limit Adjustment
  • BMW Performance Display Calibration
  • VANOS/VVT Disabling
  • SAI/Anti Smog Delete



Tundra II

Gearbox Remap for TOYOTA Tundra

We provide a complete DSG, DCT, Semi Automatic and Full Automatic Gearbox Remap service for TOYOTA Tundra vehicles.

If you have an automatic or Dual Clutch Transmission in your TOYOTA Tundra we'd like to hear from you with any questions you might have about gearbox remapping

We typically recalibrate gearboxes when the engine will be making more torque thanks to a remap or hardware upgrades. Without a remap quite often the gearbox will become damaged as a result of the extra torque. We can often improve gearbox changes times giving you a helping hand to bring down 0 to 60 times.

Gearbox Remapping

Dual Clutch, Semi Auto and Full Auto Gearbox Remapping



Walnut Blasting for TOYOTA Tundra

Carbon Builds up quickly in modern Petrol vehicles. Llandow tuning provides a complete Walnut blasting service where we truly remove all the cabron from the inlet valves.

BMW Sourced equipment is used and enables us to walnut blast everything fom a VG Fold, to Audi RS4 not to mention the odd TOYOTA Tundra

Forget the chemical treatments, aka Forte, Tec4 or TerraClean. In our opinion we've tried these products and they simply didn't work as advertised

If your TOYOTA is over 50,000 miles and is a diesel or direct petrol injection then consider a walnut blast before a remap to see even bigger gains and better fuel economy.

Walnut Blasting

Inlet Removal and Carbon Removal using our Walnut Port Blasting Equipment



Brake Disc Skimming for TOYOTA Tundra

In an ideal world you'd change your brake discs every time you change your brake pads. Why? Becuase the mating service is flat on a new disc and it isn't on a used one. Making a disc flat with an on car brake lathe resolve this issue and means you get the most from your new pads without compromising on performance

We can remove rust, lips and brake judder.

If you want to make your disks better than new on your TOYOTA Tundra our brake skimming service might be for you. Your discs will be matched directly to the runout of your wheel hubs meaning they are truly flat, something even a new disc cannot deliver.

Our equipment is OEM approved by Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and BMW

Brake Disc Skimming

We chanrge for disc skimming based on us also changing the pads and the assocated labour on the same axle.

Small Disc (From)

£10 per side

Large Disc (From)

£20 per side

Aircon Regas for TOYOTA Tundra

Cardiff/Bridgend  TOYOTA Aircon Regas

Most manufacturers recommend air-con servicing every 2 years.
If you don’t regas the air-con system in your TOYOTA, it will gradually become less efficient, making the car uncomfortable in hot weather, and take longer to demist the windows in winter.

Not regassing your air-con system will be bad for it in the long run, too, with pipes likely to crack and parts likely to seize up if it isn’t used which can end up costing more!

Llandow Tuning we can offer both Air-Con Gasses the R134a and the R1234yf, along with an antibacterial cleaner. This Anti-Bac Cleaner cleans the build up of fungus and bacteria from within the evaporator, this is where the bad smells in the air con system are from.

Aircon Regas

R134a (from)


R1234yf (from)


Engine Checkover for TOYOTA Tundra

Take the guesswork out of engine running issues with a comprehensive datalogging session for your TOYOTA Tundra (Tundra II) . Pinpoint problems, datalog running parameters, check emissions and get an insight in to your engines condition

The Llandow Tuning Engine Checkover is a great place to start with any tuning project, poorly running car or even a vehicle where you want to benchmark its current condition

Think of the Engine Checkover as a code scan plus a dyno session plus a whole load of diagnostic tests to help understand whats happening internally

We can also offer a Complete Dealer Code scan for nearly every make and model.

Dealer Code Scan

We have just about every tool under the sun, we should be able to provide a dealer code scan on anything from a Bentley to a lamborghini

Dealer Code Scan


Engine Checkover

Basic Checkover (up to 1 Hour)


Injector Testing for TOYOTA Tundra

Llandow Tuning has an ASNU Injector testing and service machine. With this machine you can control, flowtest and ultrasonic wash and service most of the injectors, Top-fed, Side-fed, Mechanical and even GDI injectors.
We've expanded the machine inhouse with our own control gear to be able to test even the most complex of injectors

Injector Testing

Injectors are charged per injector.

Port Injector


GDI/Pieze Injector


ECU Repairs for TOYOTA Tundra

Petrol ECU Testing and Repairs for most TOYOTA Tundra are undertaken by Llandow Tuning.
We have a fully equipted modern ECU lab with a number of test bays. We have ECU simulation systems as well as the very letest LeCroy and Tektronics bench oscilloscopes.
In order to help us identify a fault we need a detailed report of the problems with the vehicle as well as what tests to date have been performed. Where necessary we will repair any damaged ecus or offer a refurnished ECU which is often plug and play ready.

We have provided ECU Repair services for most dealer networks including: Sytner, Stratstone, and Dick Lovett

Engine ECU Testing

Diesel ECU Testing

From £95

Petrol ECU Testing

From £95

A Passion for tuning TOYOTA vehicles

Servicing the Performance and Motorsport Community since 2004

Llandow Tuning based at the home of Welsh Motorsport has been developing advanced tuning solutions for TOYOTA vehicles for many years. We're proud that we're one of Wales longest established tuning firms that has always been fully independent. Unlike so much of the competition that simply buy in remap files from unknown soures we're proud to say every remap we sell has been developed in-house using our own equipment.

We have full range of services and tunes available for every TOYOTA Tundra model. If you've got a TOYOTA Tundra in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or Elsewhere in Wales we can help.

The tuning business is full of folk that don't know their preignition from their pinking yet through low pricing and some smoke and mirror markerting pass themselves off as tuners. As of 2022 we've even got tuners in South Wales selling files through agents that don't even own a rolling road.

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