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A Passion for Motorsport and Performance

Servicing the Performance and Motorsport Community since 2004

Cutting Edge Technology

Llandow Tuning is one of the UKs leading tuning specialists with its main base of operations in Llandow, near the Llandow Race Track. On site we have an array of the very latest tuning equipment unmatched in the area including Rolling Road Dyno, Knock Detection Equipment and advanced Engine data logging capabilities.
At Llandow we also have a complete Machine Shop for any fabrication work including CNC Plasma, Milling, Lathe, Surface Grinding, Tig and Mig Welding, Box and Pan Folders, Guilloties, Slip Rollers, English Wheel....
What really makes us stand out is our fully equipted electronic suite where not only are we able to test and modify ECU's and have at some point repaired ECU's for every major UK dealer network including (Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche...) but we also offer a complete electronic and software engineering service for problems that cannot be resolved with off the shelf parts.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing and Development is the very key to our sucess. Without quality testing and datalogging how do you know that a recalibration (remap) is safe? How do you know that the power gains stated are real? The simple truth is you don't. We put testing at the core of our development program.
Our software engineers spend weeks often months developing and refining management programs for the latest engines and models.
We operate with a partner a development site in Denmark where we share technical data to help us develop solutions faster, enabling us to test and develop our solutions even further.

Proud to be 100% Independent

Llandow Tuning has always been completly independent. Since 2004 we have never sold another companies tune, remap or reclaibration. All our recalibrations are developed in house by our own software engineerings based on weeks if not months of work.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our product.
Despite being completly independent and developing our own solutions, our prices are comparable to those companies operating as agents of other tuners, i.e. acting like a reseller.

Why have corned beef when you can have fillet steak?

Just a few reasons to consider us

South Wales Dyno

Chassis Dyno

At Llandow we operate 2WD 1200HP braked chassic dyno and a 2WD MAHA LPS chassis dyno and a 4WD braked dyno in Copenhagen. At both sites we also have a on Vehicle dyno, all with high resolution data capture.
Using our Chassis Dyno we can simulate driving conditions in a controlled and repertable way. This means when we develop an engine calibration we do so being able to try and test it in a repeatable way. Its typically quicker than road tuning.
The key purpose of a rolling road is not to give a figure to an engines performance, but instead to allow a vehicle to be tested in a controlled manor, typically under full load. Yes you can measure performance gains, but this is secondary to testing a vehicle to ensure the recalibration is safe.

South Wales Dyno

On Car Dyno

Whilst a Chassis dyno is great for tuning max power it doesn't always make it possible to tune all vehicles or indeed to get real world performance. Our on-road dyno allows us to dial in a road really which is harder on a chassis dyno
We operate at both our sites a Magicmotorsport DynoRoad dyno which enables us to make accurate measurements in the real world. We will conduct such testing on a private road or the Llandow track. This is included in the price.

The device is connected to a wheel on the car, the vehicle is measured and some calibration takes place. Then when we drive the vehicle we are instantly able to measure the vehicle torque calculate horsepower as if it were in our dyno cell.

In House Tuning Development

Developed In House

We're proud of the fact that we've always developed our recalibrations and remaps in house. Because we were founded by a software and electronics engineer, from the outset we have always developed our own calibrations and engine software

What this means for you is we offer an in-depth understanding of Engine ECU's, how they work, and how we can get your car to perform as you want.

Established 2004

Established 2004

Established 2004

We're one of the longest established tuners in Wales, certianly the longest established Independent Tuner in the area.



Like all the Countires and if not Worlds best Tuners, we are Independent

Creating the very best recalibrations is what we are about, becuase we are FULLY Independent, we've never resold someone elses map means we put you in the driving seat

Electronics Lab

2 Year Warranty

All Stage 1 and Stage 1+ We provide a full two year warranty. Should you have any issues that you might be related to your remap we will be here to help

Your satisfaction is our priority, any issues you have with your tuned vehicle we will happily help you with
Unlike many tuning centers, we will not fob your off but give you accurate information.

Electronics Lab

2 Years Free Code Scans

All All Stage 1 and Stage 1+ tuning and recalibrations sold and developed by Llandow Tuning will come with a two year period in which we will code scan your engine ECU without charge and give you free technical advice.

Electronics Lab

Free courtesy cars

When your vehicle comes in to us, instead of waiting around we provide free Free courtesy cars. Just ask about them at the time of booking

All you need do is tell your insurance firm and add fuel.

Electronics Lab

Expert Staff

When you pick Llandow for your tuning partner we want you to know that our staff are amoung the best you'll find. Our team have the following skills

Ex Dealer Master Technicans
Automotive Electronic Experts
Software Developers with Reverse Engineering Skills
Microelectric specialists with rework skills.
Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab

Electronics is in our DNA. We operate a fully equipted electronics lab with SMD and BGA rework tools, Scopes, Logic Analysier, ECU Test Benches etc.

We provide a complete electronics service including bespoke microelectronic solutions to modification of exisiting systems. Need to adapt an Engine ECU to existing CAN systems?

Electronics Lab

Metalwork / Machine Shop

We have a fully equipted Metalworking and Machine Shop.

Maybe you need custom fabrication? Maybe you need an exhaust modification. We have the skills and equipment to help

Data Logging


Being able to capture useful data whilst a vehicle is under test is key to understanding how a modifcation is impacting on the engines systems.

We can capture in high resolution data from engine sensors and can interface with most on vehicle datalogging or serial communication system and combine this data in a useful and meaninful way.

Interfacting with RS232, CANBUS, LINBUS and Innovative MTX Products, is possible. We can combine from the Dyno and then give you a full report in CSV format for you or our engineers to analyise.

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