Why Choose Llandow Tuning?

More than 19 Years of Tuning Experience

To our knowledge no other independent tuning centre has more experience than us in Wales.

We are proud to have tuned countless vehicle from motorsport, road car to many 100+ year old vintage vehicles. We were tuning vehicles whilst many of our competitors were still in Primary School.

19 years experience llandow Tuning

Fully Independent

Llandow Tuning nor its owners have never been an agent for another tuning company, we've never resold someone else’s tunes/remaps and we've never been part of any franchise.

Whilst I appreciate other tuning firms have taken a different route, most reselling other people’s work and taking a cut. We're proud that we've developed our own tuning calibrations in-house.

Independent llandow Tuning

Every Remap is a Custom Remap

Because we don't just buy in a remap like nearly every other tuner we've come across, everything we do is customised to your car.

Your car isn't treated like a guinea pig but rather a remap/recalibration we've already developed is customised to your car. The vehicle is then data logged on the dyno or road (depending on what we determine is needed) to determine that the map is safe and functioning correctly.

Custom Mapping llandow Tuning

Full Testing Facilities

We can evaluate everything from a 2WD to a 4WD vehicle. We have the very latest in advanced engine diagnostic equipment the kind of equipment you just do not find in your normal garage. We do not just have a few scan tools but factory tools for all the major European, American and Japanese brands.

Perhaps you have a classic car in need of a Crypton tune or a problem that requires in cylinder pressure analysis. We can help.

Diagnostics and Equipment llandow Tuning

Calibration Testing

When you see tuning centres that look like a photoshoot, you have to ask yourself how do they develop the maps they install?

If the maps are truly custom, then how do they develop them? Where is the row of cars they are assessing their maps out on? The truth is without development cars they are either buying in their remaps or they are simply making modifications and evaluating it on your car.

On Visiting Llandow Tuning you will note how many vehicles we have here for testing and development work. Pushing everything from a 10 year to 1 year old car to their safe limits and developing the maps we intend to sell to our customers

Without prior development work we think it would take on average about 2 days to fully develop a map for a road car that is safe and fully assessed. On something like an M5 it took us about a month to get a decent map together!

Dyno Rolling Road llandow Tuning


We think our price points are reasonable for the expertise we deliver and the quality of our calibrations

We can guarantee there are always cheaper options, but if price is your main factor in your decision making process, then honestly we probably aren't the tuning centre for you.

Hand vs Price llandow Tuning

The Llandow Warranty

We are proud of the work we do and as such should you have an issue we want to help.

If there is an issue with any of our workmanship, then you simply need to give us a call and come back. We believe a quick and speedy resolution to any issues is key and in the unlikely event there is an issue with our workmanship we will be happy to put it right. Should there be some other issue with the car we will help you identify it and give you repair options.

Naturally, we are not suggesting that if we remap your car and the boot falls off its on us. But we will always be fair and help you as much as possible.

Warranty llandow Tuning


If you're visiting for a stage 1 tune or a quick dyno session then you can wait in our reception

Drinks are provided on the house, as if super-fast WIFI, a work desk, toilet facilities and indoor and outdoor waiting areas.


A Passion for Motorsport and Performance

Servicing the Performance and Motorsport Community since 2004

Cutting Edge Technology

Llandow Tuning is one of the UKs leading tuning specialists with its main base of operations in Llandow, near the Llandow Race Track. On site we have an array of the very latest tuning equipment unmatched in the area including Rolling Road Dyno, Knock Detection Equipment and advanced Engine data logging capabilities.
At Llandow we also have a complete Machine Shop for any fabrication work including CNC Plasma, Milling, Lathe, Surface Grinding, Tig and Mig Welding, Box and Pan Folders, Guilloties, Slip Rollers, English Wheel....
What really makes us stand out is our fully equipted electronic suite where not only are we able to test and modify ECU's and have at some point repaired ECU's for every major UK dealer network including (Ferrari, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche...) but we also offer a complete electronic and software engineering service for problems that cannot be resolved with off the shelf parts.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing and Development is the very key to our sucess. Without quality testing and datalogging how do you know that a recalibration (remap) is safe? How do you know that the power gains stated are real? The simple truth is you don't. We put testing at the core of our development program.
Our software engineers spend weeks often months developing and refining management programs for the latest engines and models.
We operate with a partner a development site in Denmark where we share technical data to help us develop solutions faster, enabling us to test and develop our solutions even further.

Proud to be 100% Independent

Llandow Tuning has always been completly independent. Since 2004 when we traded as Jorgensen Tuning and through our move to Llandow where we became Llandow tuning we have never sold another companies tune, remap or reclaibration. All our recalibrations are developed in house by our own software engineerings based on weeks if not months of work.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our product.
Despite being completly independent and developing our own solutions, our prices are comparable to those companies operating as agents of other tuners, i.e. acting like a reseller.

Why have corned beef when you can have fillet steak?

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