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We've been improving the performance and economy of cars since 2004. We’re one of the few tuning firms that are completely independent, we’ve never resold calibrations or remap files from another tuning company. We are not agents or ‘slave tool’ holders. We develop our own performance tuning calibrations using a 2WD and 4WD dynamometer with thorough testing. We offer unbeatable quality and guaranteed results. Our tuning centre is the best place to safely apply calibrations and modifications to your car. We even offer a collection / drop off service and courtesy cars subject to availability.

Why choose Llandow Tuning?

  • Fantastic Prices
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free courtesy cars
  • Established 2004
  • Fully Independent
  • In-House Development
  • Quality Aftersales Support
  • Every recalibration is fully tested
  • Expert Software and Electronic Technicans
  • On-Site Dyno Cell
  • Fully equipped Electronics Suite
  • Machine Shop; CNC Plasma, Milling & Lathe equipment
  • Free Expert Advice
More Reason to Choose Us

Our most popular service is commonly referred to as remapping, although we prefer the more accurate terminology of tuning recalibration. Our software engineers develop files that will transform your car in the right way. Experience the joy and driveability of a car with optimised software calibrations. We also offer additional mechanical upgrades and modifications for further enhancement of the driving experience.

Our Service

Besides our tuning services, we also offer a variety of additional works including but not limited to software updates, engine fault finding, live data analysis, datalogging, walnut blasting, injector testing, dpf services, ecu testing, motorsport wiring and fabrication. We also pride ourselves on our traditional carburettor services and specialist servicing centre for Ferrari, Maserati & BMW vehicles. Our experienced, qualified technicians are here waiting to help you.

m5 competition dashboard

We can test 2WD and 4WD vehicles using our test equipment Our Llandow head quarters features two fully equipped 2WD dyno cells and probably the largest selection of diagnostic tools in the area. At our tuning partners in Copenhagen and Sula we have a 4WD dynos for road car development. We can test 2WD and 4WD dynos at all sites using our DynoRoad On Car Dyno.

Caterham Tuning
all makes

Petrol or diesel, three cylinders or twelve, straight block or Vee, Llandow Tuning can calibrate dramatic improvements to both performance and efficiency with the added bonus of improved fuel economy (unless you have a particularly fierce driving style). Generally speaking, we can offer our services to all makes and models. We also provide vintage vehicle services with dynamometer carburettor set up and a Crypton tuning service.


Delivering only the very best, highest quality tuning is our focus. Doing this without breaking the bank is one of our goals.
Customers choose us because they are looking for a top service at a reasonable price. Isn’t it reassuring to know that you’re paying the person who developed the file being uploaded to your car, rather than a reseller or mobile agent?
£100 Off
Diesel Remap

stage 1

£100 Off, was £350 now £250.00
Offer may exclude some more difficult ECUs, ask about your car
  • Up to 50% More Power
  • MPG Increase
  • Fully Dyno Tested
  • Safe for Standard Cars
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dyno Developed Map
  • Dyno Printout
  • Road Legal & Safe
£100 Off
Petrol Remap

stage 1

£100 Off, was £350 now £250.00
Offer may exclude some more difficult ECUs, ask about your car
  • Up to 40% More Power
  • Fully Dyno Tested
  • Safe for Standard Cars
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dyno Developed Map
  • Dyno Printout
  • Road Legal & Safe
Petrol or Diesel Remap

stage 2

£100 Off, was £350 now £350.00
Offer may exclude some more difficult ECUs, ask about your car
  • Fully Dyno Tested
  • Tailored to Stage 2 Mods
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dyno Developed Map
  • Dyno Printout
  • Road Legal & Safe

Dyno Printouts for all Stage 1 Remaps are from previous runs of the software being applied. Dyno printouts with your car on the dyno are available but are chargable and will only be available where we are not performing work on a stage 2 or stage 3+ vehicle. Whilst we offer a Stage 1 service without apointment, dyno time is by apointment so sometimes it is easlier to come back for dyno time after the remap has already been applied.

Llandow Capabilities

Cell One
1200HP DynoDevelopments Rolling Road
15KW Fan Cooling

Cell Two (Opening 2024)
Fan Cooling

Exhaust Extraction
Multiple Wideband O2 Sensors
Plex Knock Detection
Crypton Tuning
AVL Emission Testing
Multi Channel Analog Datalogging
Multi Channel Temperature Datalogging
4 Channel Oscilloscope

Copenhagen Capabilities

BAPro 4WD-BPA-4R Dyno
20KW Fan Cooling
Exhaust Extraction
Multiple Wideband O2 Sensors
Bosch Emission Testing
Plex Knock Detection

On-Road Dyno Testing

MagicMotorsport DynoRoad Dyno Devices
Accurate On-Road Dyno Measurement
Supports 2x4, 1x3, 4x4, 4x6
Supports most commercial & farm vehicles

Specialist Services

Full Electronics Suite
Injector Testing
Brake Disc Skimming
Metal Fabrication
CNC Plasma Cutting
Roll Cages
Exhaust Systems
Waltnut Blasting
Motorsport Wiring

Diagnostic Tooling

BMW ISTA, DIS & Modic, BMW Explorer, AutoHex
Ferrari & Maserati SD3, Texa Supercar
Porsche PIWIS
Jaguar/Land Rover IDS, Faultmate
Mercedes HHTWin, Star, Xentry, Verdimo
Honda HDS Diagnostic
Toyota TDS Diagnostic
Tech2 For Suzuki, GM US, Opel/Vauchall, Isuzu
Ford & Mazda IDS
Chrysler StarScan
Aftermarket Bosch KTS, Texa, Autoboss, Snapon

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