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Walnut Blasting Carbon Removal

As part of trying to reduce emissions (particularly to please the EU) car manufacturers came up with the idea (it’s a longstanding debate whether it’s a good or bad idea) of improving efficiency and reducing emissions by recirculating a portion of the exhaust gases back into the intake of the engine, also the engine breather system allows smoke produced internally within the engine to reenter the engine via the breather system. Whilst both of these may improve emissions there is a serious side effect of putting dirty carbonised exhaust gases into the clean intake of a vehicle. The soot and carbon of the exhaust emissions coats the intake system with deposits. Since nearly all modern vehicles have direct fuel injection, there is no fuel making direct contact to remove the carbon so it builds up over time and eventually dramatically restricts the performance.
Walnut blasting is a much-favoured way (because it works the best) of removing these deposit build ups.

Optional Extras we can perform:-

  • EGR Valve Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • EGR Blanking / Deletion
  • Brather Conversion to Oil Catch Can
  • Spark Plug Tip Sandblasting / Spark Plug Renewal
  • Glow Plug / Glow Plug Relay Renewal
  • Injector Testing / Injector Cleaning / Injector Upgrade or Renewal
Walnut Blasting Wales
Carbon Removal

Walnut Blasting Process?

  • Inlet Manifold Removed
  • Spark Plugs or Injectors Removed
  • Each cylinder set with Cylinder up and valves closed
  • Attach to the said cylinder the vacumn probe
  • Insert into the vacum probe the walnut plasting probe
  • Blast the valves and inlet track until clean
  • Repeat for all cylinder
  • Rebuild Engine
  • Process Complete

Is Walnut Blasting Better than the Alternatives?

Walnut Blasting the only solution to remove carbon approved by the Major Vehicle Manufacturers. Our system was bought directly from BMW and we've used it sucessfully on all kinds of makes and models.

Put simply any of the "chemical processes" used for cleaning carbon can can damage he engine. The reason you don't see a BMW dealer using Hydrogen or some Solvent or some other chemical is becuase of the damage the products can do to the compontents within the engine.

Walnut blasting is safe for the engine and safe for the environment. It works fantiscally well becuase it works using friction and it returns the engine to "as new" condition.
Chemical cleaning just doesn't get the same results, there is always some residual carbon left as the process normally results in the carbon "meleting".
With Walnut blasting we remove the carbon using a vacumn.
With Chemical cleaning, where does the carbon go? Into the oil? Burnt by the engine and into the CATs or DPF? Think about it, its a really stupid idea and the people that promote it clearly haven't thought about it either
What damage will the chemical process do to the rubber seals? Considering that most petrol cars with carbon issues are direct fuel injection, what damage will the chemicals do to the seals within the injector?
What about the O2 sensors? When a chemical process is used, and the carbon will get burnt off by the engine. Will the sensitive O2 senors be damaged? It might not show up immediately. But considering that all kinds of things damage O2 sensors, coating them with some Carbon and some nasty chemicals might not be a good idea.

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Walnut Blasting Wales

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