Vintage Tuning

Vintage Tuning

Llandow Tuning is the longest established tuning firm in Wales and we’ve built a reputation of expertise in older, vintage and classic cars.
We have a wealth of knowledge though experience tuning all makes of classic cars.
Established in 2004 initially to service to Automotive Electronics business, we developed our skills tuning classic cars initially through our own classic cars.
The kinds of services we offer classic and vintage cars includes: -

  • Full Ignition Timing and Carb Setup on our Rolling Road
  • Carburettor tuning and balancing
  • The Modern Equivalent of a Crypton Tune using the latest equipment to measure things like dwell times.
  • Carburettor ultrasonic cleaning
  • Carburettor Rebuilding and Servicing
  • Carburettor jet modifications
  • Electronic ignition conversion
  • Distributor Rebuilds
  • Cylinder condition and testing

SU Carbs

Where to Start

We like to start with our basic engine checkover service which costs £95 and then the next course of action is entirly up to you. We'll determine a basic plan and you can take the vehicle away and rebook the vehicle or leave it with us and we'll get to work tweaking or fixing whatever is agreed.
Natrually we get lots of questions about what it costs. Well if its a simple screw that needs adjusting then it can be done in the £95 basic engine checkover. But lets say for example you need rejetting the carbs, it will need a tuning session.
Depending on the condition of the vehicle, natrually things change. We might find other issues which need to be addressed. If you're happy to leave the car with us we can crack on and resolve them for you, or if you're keen to do it yourself we'd be happy to help point you in the right direction. More Information about Engine Checkover
Jaguar Engine Bay

Dyno Tuning Vintage and Classic Cars

We have a wealth of experience in tuning up vintage and classic cars using our rolling road.
When you tune any car you need to be able to simulate real world conditions. Its easy to over advance the ignition timing then cause yourself more problems with misfiring and backfiring
Being able to monitor carb performance using our gas analyiser whilst simulating driving up a hill means you won't end up driving up a hill worried about making it to the top!
The lower the performance the engine, the more important it is to get the most from the engine. When you have 50HP you don't want to be missing 20HP becuase of poor tuning.

Above all to get the most from your classic car you want it tuned correctly, knowing you are getting not just great performance but knowing you aren't damaging the engine in the process.

Classic and Vintage Tuning in Wales

  • Crypton Tune Up
  • Classic Car Tuning
  • Carburettor Tuning
  • MGB Car Tuning
  • Classic Rover Car Tuning
  • Trike Bike Engine Tuning
  • VW Air cooled Engine Tuning
  • Home Tune Up
  • Engine Tuning
  • Car Tuner
  • American Car Tuning
  • Mobile Kit Car Tune Up
  • Webber Carburettor Tuning
  • Rolls Royce Tuning
  • VW Air Cooled Engine Tuning
  • Kit Car Engine Tuning
  • Classic Beetle Engine Tuning
  • Car Tune Up
  • Carburettor Tune Up
  • Classic Car Tuners
  • SU Carburettor Tuning
  • Weber DCOE 40 Tuning
  • Stromberg Carburettor Tuning
  • Spitfire Engine Tuning
  • Bentley Engine Tuning
  • Caterham Engine Tuning
  • MG Engine Tuning
  • Car Tuners
  • Weber 45 DCOE Tuning
  • Crypton Engine Tuner
  • Carburettor Balancing
  • Classic Car Tune Up
  • Zenith Carburettor Tuning
  • Classic Mini Engine Tuning
  • Classic MG Engine Tuning
  • Lotus Engine Tuning
  • Classic Mini Engine Tuning
  • Crypton Engine Tuner
  • Classic Car Tuner
  • VW T3 Tuning Expert
  • Triumph Stag Tuning
  • E Type Jag Tuning
  • MGA Tuning
  • MGC Car Tuning
  • Rover SD1 Tuning
  • Classic Mini Tuning
  • Ford Escort Tuning
  • Caterham 7 Tuning
  • Rochester Carburettor Tuning
  • E10 fuel pipe conversion
  • Ford Mustang Tuning
  • Classic Golf GTI Tuning
  • Classic Mercedes Tuning
  • Ford Cortina Tuning
  • Jaguar XJ6 Tuning
  • Morris Minor Tuning
  • Classic S Type Jag Tuning
  • Westfield Tuning
  • Corvet Tuning
  • E10 Classic car conversion
  • Datsun Egine Tuning
  • Bristol Engine Tuning
  • Chevrolet Engine Tuning
  • Classic Daimler Engine Tuning
  • Classic MG Engine Tuning
  • Classic BMW Tuning
  • Classic Austin Engine Tuning
  • Reliant Engine Tuning
  • Krypton Tuning
  • New E10 classic car fuel pipe
  • Alfa Romeo Spider Tuning
  • Classic Healey Tuning
  • Hillman Car Tuning
  • Classic Riley Car Tuning
  • Morgan Engine Tuning
  • TVR Engine Tuning
  • Wolseley Engine Tuning
  • Cobra Engine Tuning
  • Mobile Tuning Services
  • MGB E10 Conversion
  • Vintage BMW Tuning
  • Vintage Beatle Tuning
  • Vintage Ford Tuning
  • Vintage Audi Tuning
  • Vintage Jaguar Engine Tuning
  • Vintage Mini Tuning
  • Vintage Car Tuning
  • SU Carb Tuning
  • Solex Carb Tuning

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