EGR Services

EGR Services

Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves are fitted to most modern vehicles with the intention of improving emissions. The idea is to dilute the O2 content of the air intake producing inert gases to absorb the combustion heat, reducing peak in-cylinder temperatures. Typically the valve is not used when the engine is under heavy load or at standstill

EGR full of Carbon Wales
EGR Ultrasonic Cleaning

EGR Cleaning

We use an Ultrasonic cleaner to remove carbon, and debris from the EGR valve, restoring it to like new condition

Ultrasonic cleaning is available only where the EGR valve is not damaged. I.e. where the electrical part still works and hasn't been damaged by the carbon.
We are able to offer this service where we remove the EGR valve from the vehicle or where you bring to us your EGR valve. Please ensure you contact us first.

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