Fuel Injection Tuning

Fuel Injection Tuning

Llandow Tuning has an ASNU Injector testing and service machine. With this machine you can control, flowtest and ultrasonic wash and service most of the injectors, Top-fed, Side-fed, Mechanical and even GDI injectors.
We've expanded the machine inhouse with our own control gear to be able to test even the most complex of injectors

Our Tuning Guru Damien says:

Once again, an old truth rears its ugly head; "if you don’t want to know the truth, you shouldn’t ask the question!" The fuel injector test bench is one of those testing devices, like the dynamometer, that will produce results that make your life more difficult.

Injector Testing Wales
Injector Testing Swansea

Should I get my Injectors Tested?

If your car is stock then unless you develop a problem quite simply no.
If you're car has been subject to tuning where you've removed any margin for error then quite simply how do you know the injectors are performing correctly? Can you be certain at peak RPM, under load you aren't running one cylinder leaner than the others?

Our Tuning Guru Damien says:

Unless you have a Wideband O2 sensor and Combustion Pressure Sensor connected to each cylinder, you are assuming that all your injectors are deliverying the correct amount of fuel with the correct spray pattern. If you've changed the fuel rail pressure you also have no idea how the injectors are performing. Relying on a single O2 sensor to monitor multipble cylinders its impossible to determine if one cylinder is slightly richer or leaner than the other or indeed monitor injector performance.

Why risk it? Make annual injector testing part of your vehicles service schedule

Injector Testing Process

Step 1

External Cleaning

First, the Injector is checked externally for any damage and cleaned externally. We need to ensure that any foreign debris is removed before we start testing to ensure we don't contanimate the test equipment

Step 2

Resistance and Inducance

Then the resistance and inductance of the Injector are tested. So they hold the same resistance as from the factory and that the inductance does not vary between the diffusers. Typically when the electrical element of an injector starts to break down we expect it to show when tested.

Step 3

Leak Test

A leak test is done. Fuel pressure is applied to the top of the Injector and controlled so that it holds 100% tight when closed.
Quite often the GDI and Piezo injectors suffer from dripping, which of course means they drip directly in to the cylinder.

Step 4

Spray Pattern

Spray pattern is checked. Both static (fully open) but above all dynamic at a number of different opening hours.
We check if the spray image is still like the factory or if it has become weak or oblique, poor atomization that can cause droplets or otherwise poor spray image.

Step 5

Dynamic Flow

The flow is dynamically controlled and written to the protocol so you can see if any Injector has lost in the flow and see the difference between the Injectors.

Step 6

Filters and O-Rings Removals

Then o-rings and the internal filter are removed.

Step 7

Diffuser Cleaning

The diffusers are placed in ultrasonic washing, and in the meantime are pulsed with various short and long opening times so that they are cleaned internally.

Step 8

New Filters and O-Rings

After washing, new o-rings and filters are mounted in the diffusers.

Step 9


Then all tests are performed again before washing and everything is noted on the protocol.

Step 10

Dynamic Flow Testing

The flow is also controlled statically. So you can see the maximum flow of the Injector.

Step 11

Flow Measurment

You can see if and how many % the flow increased after washing if it was that the Injector was more or less clogged.

Step 12

Back to the customer

The Injector is delivered back marked with numbers and you can then see on the accompanying protocol how each spreader is feeling.
Should there be any Injector that cannot be saved with ultrasonic washing, the customer should be contacted about any solution about used / new injector that can be matched together.

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