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Llandow Tuning has coding and reflashing capability for several different marques

What is Flashing?

Flashing refers to updating or changing the software running on an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

What is Coding?

When we talk about coding a module on a car, we are talking about changing the configuration of the module. There might be two or two thousand settings on any given module which can be changed to make the module act differently. Examples could be making a module think the car is an automatic, or making it stop bleeping when the seat belt isn’t plugged in, perhaps you’ve changed the type of seat fitted to the car, the you need to code the type of seat typically to the airbag module.

What is Adapting?

Adapting refers to setting up a compontent to a car. Imagine a throttle body is changed, the Engine ECU might need to learn the Throttle bodies stop and start position, this is called Adpating it. When you change a set of injectors on a modern diesel you need to adapt them to the vehicle (not code them), you do this by adapting the engine ECU to the injector coding values.

What is Virginising?

This is the process to make a used ECU appear to be a new one, to enable it to be Flashed, Coded then Adapted to a vehicle

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