EA113 TFSI K04 Turbo Upgrade AXX/BWA Engines

EA113 TFSI K04 Turbo Upgrade AXX/BWA Engines

EA113 TFSI Upgrade K04 Turbo Conversion

Got a K03 based TFSI VAG Engine? Aka 2.0 TFSI Engine found in Golfs, TT, A3 etc

Want more power? The Llandow Tuning Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade is the answer

Supported Engine Codes:-

Part numbers of the parts needed:

Basic VW Sourced Parts List

  • 06F 145 702 C (TURBO AND MANIFOLD)
  • 06F 145 757 F
  • N 910 848 01
  • N 013 851 4 (X4)
  • N 908 945 01 (X4)
  • N102 861 08 (X4)
  • N 044 502 3 (X4)
  • 1K0 145 845 A (PIPE)
  • 06F 145 751
  • 1K0 145 693 B
  • 06F 145 710 G (VALVE)
  • B06F 906 036 F (INJECTORS) (X4)
  • 1K0 145 770 P (INDUCTION HOSE)
  • 06F 129 627 H (INDUCTION HOSE)
  • 06F 145 536 C (BRACKET)
  • 06F 145 383 L (BRACKET)
  • 1K0 253 115 K (GASKET)
  • N 909 265 01 (X2)
  • N 907 816 01 (X2)
  • 06F 133 073 D
  • 1K0 145 762 BM (BOOST PIPE)
  • 079 130 757 (RS4 HPFP Return Valve)
  • 06J 906 054 B (200BAR Fuel Pressure Sensor)
  • 038 906 051 C (3 BAR MAP Sensor)

Basic Requirements for AXX BWA K04 conversion

  • K04-064 Turbo Charger & Injector Setup from above
  • Upgrade HPFP – (High Pressure Fuel pump) – Recommend VIS Motorsport HPFP for EA113
  • 3 Bar Map Sensor (we will supply and fit this item during mapping)
  • Full Performance Sports cat or Decat Exhaust System
  • Upgrade Front Mount Intercooler
  • High Flow Cold Air Induction Kit
  • 5w 40 Oil
  • 98+ Ron Fuel

Optional hardware to aid better performance

  • Manifold Runner Delete
  • Performance Clutch System
  • Water Injection
  • Larger Stiffer Boost Pipe Setup


Who supplies the parts? That’s down to you. Supply the parts you want fitted, fit them yourselves or we can fit them for you. We’ve never been a firm that says we won’t tune something you’ve put together yourself but just remember if you fit something and it doesn’t work, its on you not us, if it takes us 4 hours to diagnose why it doesn’t work because you fitted it wrong, we aren’t doing it for free!

In all cases we will offer full customer service and aftersales support. As anyone will know we offer COMPREHENSIVE after sale service where no matter the issue we will help, 90% of cases its unrelated to what we’ve done and to find the problem we will do as much as we can for free, your satisfaction is our objective.


Differences between the S3. Golf R Engines and the AXX/BWA

The number one difference is the compression ratio. The 8p S3 Golf Mk6 R Golf Mk5 Edition 30 Cupra K1 engines with the K04 turbo all run lower compression ratios of 9.8:1 whereas the AXX engine runs at 10.5:1 and the BWA 10.3:1. Whilst this will have an impact on the tuning and could potentially be beneficial it means that this isn’t simply a matter of sticking the turbos from an S3 and forget the rest.

For example with more compression you will have more low end torque and the turbo should get up to speed faster, potentially suffering less turbo lag. The biggest issue to higher compression and the reason VAG reduced the compression is related to boost. Because the turbo makes more boost with the higher compression ratio it is more likely to ping/pink/knock. Thus all Stage 3 tuning at Llandow Tuning includes full plex knock detection during a live tuning session.

Knock Detection and Live Tuning


To ensure the map is safe and to safeguard the engine and of course us from being accused of blowing an engine up with poor tuning, we will use the latest Plex Knock detection during a live tuning session. The tuning session alone is normally billed at £900 but it is included in this package at a reduced rate.


Naturally all tuning carries risk. As does driving a worn stock engine. We will provide complete after sales support




Our Stage 3 tuning including live dyno tuning and necessary ECU modifications for KA04 modified AXX and BWA engines is £520

Fitting for the parts above is available and typically will take a day with everything. We’re happy to negotiate this or you can fit the parts yourself.

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