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EA113 TFSI K04 Turbo Upgrade AXX/BWA Engines

EA113 TFSI Upgrade K04 Turbo Conversion Got a K03 based TFSI VAG Engine? Aka 2.0 TFSI Engine found in Golfs, TT, A3 etc Want more power? The Llandow Tuning Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade is the answer Supported Engine Codes:-AXX and…

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Stage 1 Remap Mobile?

All too often we see mobile re-mappers pretending their tunes are custom or tailored to your vehicle. Their custom tuning or live tuning statements couldn’t be further from the truth. In nearly all instances mobile tuners work as agents for…

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2008 Nissan 350Z Pinout (MEC100)

Hitachi FID300 SH705X/SH72XXX Gen1 CANMEC100-320   The ECU needs to be done on the bench to make it safe.       The pin out to connect on the bench to something like BitBox is as follows: –  

Lambda / AFR Table

As a quick reference, here are lambda values and their AFR equivalents for different fuels. This is handy to use when looking at a wideband display/gauge that displays a gas scale AFR or just for curiosity’s sake.       Lambda…

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